Health Benefits Of Playing Rugby

Rugby is a sport with a long history in Ireland, where the game has been played since 1823. Men’s rugby union is the most popular form of rugby in Ireland, with almost 100 clubs and more than 30,000 players.”

The good news? You can play this strenuous sport without getting injured! The bad news? It requires a lot of skill and endurance to proficiently play it. This makes it ideal for many people who aren’t as physically fit as others.

In fact, when you play rugby, your heart rate goes up to the peak of your aerobic capacity. This is mainly because it’s such an intense game that increases in both intensity and frequency. The effort needed to catch the ball or pass it across the field at high speeds will get you fit before you know it!

It doesn’t matter if you’re an old man or a young boy, playing rugby is good for everyone. It’s the kind of sport that anyone can play and enjoy.

Rugby is also good for your physical health. Research shows that it is positively associated with many aspects of good health. It improves:

Respiratory function(increase your lung capacity) Fitness(boosts endurance and strength) Cardiovascular system(increases heart rate and blood pressure) Immunity (boosts immune system by improving cardiovascular fitness.) Spinal cord stability and mobility (improves posture). Bone strength(strengthens bones; strengthens the spine. Strong bones increase the chance of avoiding fractures).

In fact, studies show that playing rugby for at least 3 months can increase both your aerobic capacity and anaerobic capacity by 13%. It helps to reduce body fat, increase muscle mass and strength. It’s also been shown to improve mental health by reducing stress.

Reasons why it’s good for your mental health:

Although it requires a lot of physical energy, it’s not a physically demanding sport. It allows you to have a lot of fun and play with your friends. The mental aspect of the game keeps you clear-headed, makes you more emotionally intelligent and helps improve your decision-making.

You’ll gain the strength and skills that you need to be able to tackle life’s challenges head on by learning how to play the art of rugby.